One of the things that bothers us about the current state of photography is how seldom photos are printed these days. 99% of what we shoot stays on a disc or a hard drive and never becomes a tangible product. This year we’ve set our minds to change that.

We’re currently in the process of rebranding, and we’re placing a greater value on the printed. There’s just something different about looking at a photograph that isn’t on a computer screen. So, whether you’re booking us as your wedding photographer or for a lifestyle family portrait session, many of our packages will now include prints, albums, coffee table books, etc.

Our son, Eastwood, recently turned one year old. We went through all of our favorite photos of him from the past year and made them into a book. We’re now offering these coffee table books to our clients. They are an incredible (and less expensive) alternative to wedding albums! They have beautiful linen covers and are extremely customizable. Here are a few photos of the album we made for ourselves:

Missoula Wedding Photographer | Cluney Photography

Coeur D'Alene Wedding Photographer | Cluney Photography

Wedding Photographer near Glacier | Cluney Photography

Wedding Photographer in Missoula | Cluney Photography

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